Smartriser™ XM1 is a project of absolute cutting edge in the world market of risers.

Although the product was designed and industrialized in compliance with the strictest industrial regulations, the XM1 is, and wants to remain, a product of the highest technical craftsmanship. The entire production cycle is organized in such a way as to ensure absolute levels of technical quality and full compliance for a product that clearly arises in the setting of the highest exclusivity of operational excellence.

With the research and performance development reached with the XM1 riser, Smartriser™ filed an international industrial patent application, No. PD 201200004YY, in order to support and protect their innovation.

Frame Base

The riser, produced in the 25 and 1/4-inch size, is available for both right and left handed archers. With a total weight of only 966 grams, it is one of the lightest on the market. Built in composite with a frame obtained from a 10 kg bar of 6000 series Anticorodal aluminum alloy, milled with a CNC machine, and unidirectional carbon plates conveniently oriented and welded to the frame itself, the Smartriser™ XM1 represents a meeting point between the technology of carbon-only risers and that of the classic aluminum milled. This allows the possibility to obtain a structure that is very light and at the same time extremely rigid.

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HFVD (High Frequency Vibration Dampening)

HFVD vibration dampening system of liquid and composite structural parts in carbon. With the use of this system, directly implemented on the Smartriser, taking advantage of both the fluid dynamics and the superior performance of carbon, the XM1 is undeniably able to dampen the vibration that develops during and after the release phase which, of course, affects the entire bow structure. This feature makes it the first composite hydraulic riser never before created.

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QuickClick System™

QuickClick is a system for the adjustment of the bow’s power and tiller without the use of keys. Through a particular technical configuration of the disks to the pockets it will be possible to find the correct settings of the power and tiller of a mounted bow by simply rotating the upper disk. The rotation, which can be performed without the use of keys, is measured by clicks. Each 90° click of the disk corresponds to a variation of +/- 0.5% of the load according to the limb used.

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LC (Limbsaver Cradle)

The particular build of the pockets will allow the use of the limbs in ideal working conditions, and safeguarding to prevent any damage to them. The limb fitting, of always the ILF type (international limbs fitting), has a contact area that is much greater than the standard, and above all flat. The area of the limb fitting, thus finding support on a greater surface area, allows a better response of the component during the release phase, and results in decisively less stress during the loading phase.

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