The XM1 Plus has the same technical features as the standard XM1 version.

The difference is the greater possibilities of personalization in the finish.

The XM1 Plus is exclusively made to order for each customer.

Realized with specific colors of satin-like anodizing and with all the colors of the XM1 ST range, the carbon plates may be presented in a natural gloss or semi-gloss finish. The nuts and bolts of the QuickClick Groups, the plates for the limb support and the central stabilizer bushing, always in Ergal, can also be ordered in anodized red and blue in addition to the polished titanium color. The Grip of the XM1 Plus is available with an opaque finish for the satin versions, and a choice of polished or opaque for the other colors.

Two standard clicker extension plates in carbon of different lengths and a second grip with natural finish are also included. When ordering, you can also ask for the Flag Design national characterization for the countries of U.S.A, South Korea, Japan, France, Germany, UK and Italy.


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