The specific version of the XM1 Bare Bow includes the basic supply of specific weights in steel in Kit 1 and Kit 2.

Kit 1, shown in yellow in the figure, has a total weight of 200 grams and is composed of two symmetrical plates. If you wish to place additional weight on the riser, Kit 2 shown in green can also be installed. This kit, complementary and not installable on the riser if not in addition with Kit 1, is composed of four plates with a weight of 50 grams each. By fitting both kits a total added weight of 400 grams is obtained. The positioning of the kits takes place by means of appropriate screws of various lengths for all the possible combinations. The screws are through-type of the riser’s structure, while the corresponding socket bolts are located inside the adapted weights in order to prevent rotation during tightening. In this version there is an aesthetic closure plate made of carbon at the location of the clicker - shown in red.


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