HFVD (High Frequency Vibration Dampening)

The HFVD system of the dampening of vibrations is a real innovation in the field of modern archery. It is based on the integrated work of a double technical solution: on the one hand the use of a hydraulic structure, with the dissipation of high frequency vibrations by means of the liquid and, on the other hand, the superior performance the carbon inserted in the structure of the riser offers in this area.

By taking advantage of the fluid mechanics, Smartriser succeeded in obtaining superior anti-vibration performance on its riser. The liquid contained in the four sealed chambers allows, on the one hand, the perfect containment of the residual vibration at the arrow’s release and, on the other hand, a considerable amount of noise depression.

In detail, the riser is equipped with liquid of high viscosity and recommended for performance power between 34 and 44 lbs. For the XM1 Plus versions, at the client’s request, we can prepare a riser with an ideal fluid viscosity according to the average range of power normally carried out by athletes.The liquid is inserted during the production process and cannot be modified in type and quantity.